23 September 2010

ISSUE : Hijab / Tudung - Question & Answer

1. At what age are Muslim girls expected to start wearing the hijab?
Hijab is obligatory upon all Muslim girls who have reached PUBERTY.

2. Why do Muslim women wear the hijab?
To prevent indecent acts or thoughts. Muslim women only cover themselves in front of men who are NOT MAHRAM .

3. Who is MAHRAM / Mahrem / Muhrim ?
a. Anybody from the same sex
b. Those of oppsite sex that have not passed puberty
c. Husband & Wife
d. Permanent or blood mahrams that with whom you become mahram by a blood relationship

    i.  Father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on;
    ii. Brother;
    iii. Son, grandson, great-grandson;
    iv. Uncle, Parents' uncle, Grandparents' uncle and so on;
    v. Nephew, grandnephew, great-grandnephew and so on; 

e. In-law mahrams that with whom you become mahram by marrying someone:

  iii.Step-father (mother's husband) if their marriage is consummated;
 iv.Step-son (husband's son) if her marriage is consummated;

6. Radha' or milk-suckling mahrams that with whom you become mahram because of being nursed by a woman. When a woman breast feeds an infant that is not her own child for a certain amount of time with certain conditions, she becomes the child's radha' mother and all said about blood mahrams applies here like radha' father/mother, radha' sister/brother, radha' aunt/uncle and so on.

source : http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Mahram

4. Proper Hijab
Proper hijab dictates that the entire body must be covered, although the face and hands may be exposed.

Komen : Saya dapati ramai umat islam yg tidak faham konsep bertudung menurut Islam. Lebih mengecewakan apabila ada yg menganggap bertudung tu satu budaya saja ( ˙ ω ˙ ).Sama-samalah kita perbetulkan mana yg silap supaya menjadi muslimah yg disayangi Allah.

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