28 September 2010

Tutorial : Shawl / Selendang - Tutorial 8

1. Start by placing an under scarf (Awning) on your head. Place shawl on your head with the longer part of the shawl should be on your left while the shorter part on your right.

2. Pin the shawl underneath your chin.Adjust to your own comfort.

3. Pull the longer part of the shawl across your chest and to your right, pulling it upwards.

4. Continue to pull the longer part of the shawl over the top of your head and downwards towards the left side of your face , securing it neatly and firmly.

5. Slip in the end of the shawl underneath your chin.You may secure it further with a brooch if so you wish.

6. Now take the shorter side of the shawl on your right and pull it towards your left shoulder.

7. Arrange the fold of the shawl to your taste and secure it with another brooch on your left shoulder.

8. Voila!! This is what you should look like ^^ (or attempt to look like LOL)

Tutorial by : http://hazeraves.blogspot.com/2009/02/pesona-tudung-tutorial.html

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